Machining Services


Full overhaul service - small ends, re-sizing, lightening, balancing, polish beams.

The basic process - All rod sets are chemically cleaned, vaqua blasted and then all nuts & bolts are removed, the caps are then ground, small ends removed and replaced with OEM bushes, the big ends and small ends are then precision bored 2 thou undersize and finished on a sunnen rod hone, all bores and small ends are check for size using sunnen AG300 gauges. New OEM VW nuts are always used. Rods can then be offered match weighted end to end balanced.


Lightening, refacing, 5 and 8 dowelling, balancing.

Stateside precision grind flywheel faces on both the clutch disc and pressure plate faces, the depths are then dial measured to ensure they remain within the manufactures specifications. Multi dowelling should always be done as a unit, this way both parts can be machine reamed together to ensure they sit perfectly flat. Type 4 flywheels and crankshafts can be 5 dowelled which is the only true way to stop the flywheel coming off. Lightend flywheels in my mind should not be used on Van/T2 engines. OEM T4 cast iron flywheels should not be lightend and carefull inspection of the clutch disc face is recomended as these are very prone to cracking.


Valve seats, multi angle valve seat machine, valve guides and K liners, valve angle refacing, porting & polishing, dual valve spring conversions, combustion chamber modifications for increase & reduction of compression ratios, valve spring shimming and poundage corrections to suit camshaft profiles, boring for oversize piston kits, pushrods cut to length, combustion chamber measureing, spark plug thread inserting.

All valve seat work is carried out using Serdi triple air float precision equipment, valve guides are always diamond honed to size and NOT reamed, we use a Serdi machine. Valve spring tensions are checked and calculations for increase or reduction of pressures using Longacre equipment ALL valve seat machine work is vacuum tested using Serdi equipment to ensure optimium performance. Valve collets are precision ground on both mating faces to give the correct clearance to eliminate pulling on the valve keeper grooves.


Boreing for oversize piston kits, surface machining, case saver inserts, clearance for longer stroke crankshaft, align bore on Type 1/2/3 + type 4/914, cam follower bush inserts for Type 1 and Type 4 to allow Type 1 lifter use, oil system modifications for full flow and dry sump convertions,oil galley drilling & tapping, chemical cleaning and hot wash cleaning. Type 4 case machine for 911 Porsche fan cooling conversion.


We can dynamically balance your crankshaft, Front pulley, flywheel & clutch cover using our state of the art Borgo 3 stage digital crankshaft balance machine, All units are balanced to zero or as close as we can get them at a minimum setting of quadrant 5, for all out race engines we turn the sensitivety to # 8. Crankshaft journal grinding & micro polishing, straightness checking, 5 and 8 dowelling, oil port modifications.


We use cold decarbonising dips to remove the main grime, the next process is to run the parts through one of our two hot revolving basket cleaners, precision parts and carburettors are then cleaned in our ultra sonic machine. Cylinder heads and con rods etc are vaqua blasted to give an as new appearance.


All engines are assembled in our dedicated assembly clean room. After all necessary machine work and cleaning engines are trial assembled and checks made for deck heights, correct crankshaft float movement, valve lift and required pushrod length for correct angle geometry. All moving parts are coated with special high pressure lubricants to eliminate wear on the initial start up. Engines can be run prior to collection but in most cases this is not required.


Stateside have good quality mills and lathes with all sorts of tooling fixtures to carry out bespoke or general machine work. Accuracy is guarrantied with multi axis dro readout systems. Haas CNC coming soon for multi run production work.


Stateside carry a wide range of assembly lubricants and harware necessary to get the job done right the first time. Most of our case and engine hardware are genuine VW parts.