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48 IDA's

Currently there appears to be a world shortage of new carburetors. With the demise of Dellorto many years ago, and the recent closure of the Weber factory in Spain, any new carbs left in circulation are becoming too expensive. We have limited stocks of 44 + 48 IDF Webers and good availability on 48IDA. Please call for up to date prices.

Carb Kits

Dual 34mm Weber ICT kit (no chokes) £375.00
Dual Solex 35mm kit (no chokes) £390.00
Dual Solex 35mm with electric chokes £410.00
Dual 40/44/48 kits from £599.00
Duel 40mm type IV Kadron Kit (full kit including all hardware, an excellent economic twin carb kit) £420.00
Dual 40mm Dellorto kits, with rebuilt carbs (includes new linkage, manifold, air cleaners and all gaskets and hardware) from £430.00


Carb Spares

Weber IDF venturi for 40mm 28 / 30 / 32 / 34mm £10.99 each
Weber IDF venturi for 44mm 30 / 32 / 34 / 36mm £12.99 each
Weber IDF idle and main jets. Many sizes, please call. £4.20
Weber emulsion tubes f 7 and f 11 £14.00 each
Weber IDF rebuild kits. (Full kits with pump diaphragm) £23 each carb
Weber IDF velocity stacks 40mm £8.00 each
Weber IDF velocity stacks 44mm £8.00 each
Gaskets - too many to list we have them all, even for obsolete carbs Please call

We still have a vast stock of spare parts for Delarto's left over from our rolling road tuning days please call.

If you cannot get your carbs to work we offer a full jetting and rebuild service which includes acid cleaning. Remember, we ran a rolling road for over 10 years and have probably seen just about every problem possible with carbs.


Manifolds Gaskets


Weber/ Dellorto 36/40/45/48 manifolds (these have a boss cast in the manifold which is excellent to use as a servo hose pick up) £69.00 per pair
Weber/ Dellorto short manifolds, same as the original super vee type made by VW back in the early 70's. Available with correct internal diameters to suit 40/45/48 carbs or throttle bodies. £105.00 per pair
Manifold heat sink gaskets made in baker-lite available in 40/45/48 internal diameter each £5.99
Gaskets - too many to list we have them all, even for obsolete carbs. Please call



Linkage swivel type from £45.00
Linkage x-bar type from £69.00
Dual 40/44/48 kits (includes linkage, manifold, air cleaners and all gaskets and hardware) £175.00


Air filters

Air Filters

DRLA/IDA air cleaners chrome tops and base short 1.75" £19.00 each
DRLA/IDA air cleaners chrome 3.25" £20.00 each
DRLA/IDA air cleaners genuine K/N 4" units £34.00 each
Air cleaner replacement elements from £8.00 each
Velocity stacks 50mm for 40mm carbs £8.00 each
Velocity stacks covers (red plastic) £13.00 per pair


Fuel pumps, pressure regulators, and gauges

Rotary electric fuel pump 3.5 psi with micron filter canister £49.00
Fuel pressure regulator fully adjustable with fixing bracket £30.00
Holley pressure regulator 1 - 4.5 psi range with mount bracket £35.00
In-line fuel pressure gauge and pick-up hi quality oil filled gauge with simple to fit fuel line piece £35.00




As many components have seen good reductions in price we have decided to produce our own system using the best technology available. We offer many types of kits including a base model that allows you to use your carb bodies as throttle bodies, thus considerable savings. Contrary to popular belief fuel injection is simple. Instead of using carbs to squirt fuel into the engine, injection is a pressure fed fully controllable method of delivering fuel giving many advantages eg- smooth cold starting and running, an is fully tunable to suit all types of engines. Our system features a dual bank firing control unit (unlike many kits sold), and is fully adjustable for 4 and 8 injectors (other kits fire all the injectors together, 70's technology) with special software for anti knock sensing if required. Simple to follow, colour coded wire harness with ample length and full back up spares availability. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Fuel injection system parts

Throttle bodies 40mm (complete with fuel rail and O rings), pair £POA
Throttle bodies 45mm (complete with fuel rail and O rings), pair £POA
Throttle bodies 48mm (complete with fuel rail and O rings), pair £POA
Type 4 manifolds with injector boss £129.00
Injectors - many types available from £POA
Electronic control unit £375.00
Air temp sensor £28.00
Throttle position sensor £69.00
Engine temp sensor £28.00
Lampda sensor £59.00
Exhaust sensor fitting boss (weld in) £6.00
Fuel pump £99.00
Fuel pressure regulator £POA
In-line fuel pressure gauge and 8mm fitting (60psi oil filled gauge) £44.00
Fuel hose - many diameters available please call