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Porsche Fan Kits

Porsche fan kit


This is a machine fit cooling conversion. The original case cooling tower needs to be milled to accept the fan unit. If you are using a used 911 fan unit then the outer ventilator will need to be turned down. We have been using and supplying this conversion since 1980, as to whether it is better than the new type 1 cooling kits or not, I am not interested in. I use it on all our historic race and rallye vehicle fitted with type 4 engines, it works for us.

All necessary parts are listed as separate items. We can offer complete kits, please call for up to date prices

Fiberglass fan shroud, a flexible quality unit £90.00
Fixing strap in stainless steel with centre roll bolt £55.00
Crankshaft pulley 145mm alluminium £40.00
Crankshaft pulley steel weighted type, cad plated with etched timing marks £59.00
Flywheel spigot bush to locate the main shaft special oiled bronze £8.50
Alternator /fan/ outer ring/ belt pulley, new 12 blade fan unit with integral regulator available in 255 and 260mm o/a diameter £570.00
Oil filler tube and cap with dipstick inside £79.00
Bolt on 911 cooling fan kit (excludes the fan/ alternator unit) simple bolt on kit that sits higher than the machine fit kit but works fine in type 2 vans and 914 cars £445.00
Complete 911 cooling fan kit £859.00