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Ignition Systems

Coils and leads

Ignition Parts

Bosch 009 distributor £45.00
Genuine Bosch ignition cap (009) £7.50
Genuine Bosch rotor arm £5.99
Electronic module to replace contacts and condensor £39.00
Pertronix hi-output low ohms coil perfect for electronic ignition kits £30.00
Taylor spiro core 8mm lead set available in blue/red/green a must with any electronic ignition £24.00
Taylor 10mm spiro core h/duty lead set available in blue/black/red the ultimate lead set £34.00


Crane Electronic Ignition Kit's and Parts

Crane xr700 digital electronic ignition kit (comes with optical eye pick-up and external mount amplifier box. Plugs must be re-gapped to 040" due to the high volt spark. Must be used with a low ohms coils) £99.00
Crane xr300 digital electronic ignition kit (as the 700 series but higher output, must use special crane coil and gap plugs to 044") £139.00
Crane ps 60 hi-power coil (works well with xr3000 kit) £49.00
Crane ps91 race coil a power house coil use with xr3000 kit £79.00

We also offer a full range of crane add on ignition modules - rpm limiter, roll control, retard boxes, multi spark amplifier with rpm control. Please call to discuss your requirements.


MSD Electronic Ignition Kit's and Parts

MSD 6AL ignition module with rpm control chips £205.00
MSD distributor billet hi-quality unit with integral electronic module £210.00