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Barrels and Pistons

914 barrels and pistons


1700 (90mm) std replacement set £200.00
1800 (93mm) std replacement kit £230 .00
1800 (93mm) original vw germany kits (few sets only) £299.00
2000 (94mm) std type 2 dished kit £225.00
2000 (94mm) flat to 914 kit £450.00



Keith Black barrels and pistons


1700/1800 conversion to 1911cc capacity* £329.00
2000cc to 2056cc conversion kit £329.00
103mm for 2.0ltr engines giving 2366cc kit** (available in full forged race sets) from £535.00
96mm Kieth Black piston kits for stroker cranks. (These have a compression height of 1.112" and work with 78 and 80mm stroked crankshafts. Available with 22 and 24mm pin diameter. Sets include barrels and rings) £385.00
96mm JE forged race quality pistons. (available in std and stroker compression height and your choice of pin diameter. Set includes barrels and rings) *** from £540
96mm forged piston kit (with special 150 thou valve pockets for 44 x 38 valve set up. Choice of compression heights, 22 or 24mm pin, supplied with special rings 1.2/1.5/4mm to suit L/N nikasil barrels. Set includes pistons, special rings sets, pins, and spirolox clips. *** £520.00

* 1700 heads must be machined out to accept the barrel spigot. We can supply this service for you
** Case and head machining required
*** 96mm kits come with special Kieth Black flat pistons and pins, hasting best quality ring sets, eurorace tru-height barrels, torco pre-lube and comprehensive fitting instructions



96mm eurorace cast iron set £130.00
103mm eurorace cast iron set


103mm eurorace cast iron set (with 5th stud hole)



Special ally barrel with nikasil lining, supplied in 3.600" length (custom lengths available) a high quality barrel set providing the best in low friction and leak free sealing. Used on our historic race cars.

96 + 103mm set* £1590.00
Piston rings for Nikasil barrels - set** from £49.00

* Due to the design of these barrels you must use the special ARP head stud sets to provide the correct clamping effect. See the Cylinder heads section for prices.
** Due to the coating used on these barrels special rings must be used


We carry many types of ring sets from standard replacement to high performance, please call for more information.

1700 £29.00
1800 (Original VW) Geotze £48.00
2000 VW £29.00
2000 PORSCHE 914 from £30.00
1911 (96MM) NPR old style 2 x 2 x 5 from £32.00
1911 (96mm) Kieth Black £39.00
2056 Kieth Black £39.00
2366 (103mm) £49.00
Special ring sets to use with Nikasil barrels from £49.00